Reading, watching and listening recommendations

Sometimes it’s great to step back and reflect, learn and explore alternative views.

Podcasts, documentaries, books and online articles are a great way to catch up. This is what the team at The Aid Files will be reading, listening to and watching soon.


Free Money. We haven’t seen it yet (review here soon!) but Free Money seems to offer an incredible insight into the impact of direct cash grants to a village in Kenya. If you’re part of the discussion about cash v. traditional aid, this looks like a must see.


Two have caught our eye recently. First is the latest in Charles Kojo Vandyck’s excellent Convos series, this episode diving into  Locally Led Development with Cameroon’s #ShiftThePower leading advocate Jimm Chick.

Google Podcasts:

Listen on Spotify:

Secondly, we’ll be catching up on The New Humanitarian’s series of Podcasts – with so much horror in the news in the past few weeks, it will be good to catch up on the insights of some of the world’s leading humanitarians.


Released mid-November 2023, WACSI’s report: Contribution of Civil Society Organisations to The Economic, Social, & Political Development of West Africa.

We sat in on the Zoom launch of this report and enjoyed some amazing insights. 

You can watch a recording of the launch on YouTube here:

Or download and read the report here:

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