Ghana agroecology project targets vulnerable youth

Young people living in Northern Ghana have been benefiting from the latest training sessions from CEAL’s Make Agriculture Work for Youth (MAW4Y) programme.

The aim of the project is to encourage young people to develop employable skills as Agroecology Business Entrepreneurs.

CEAL Ghana CEO Issifu Sulemana believes that since agriculture is so important in the region (but increasingly challenging thanks to climate change), training in modern, ecologically sound farming methods will not only help feed people but also promote stability in the region.

Reducing hunger and poverty while promoting gainful employment and care for the environment provides for a more positive and hopeful future for young people.

35 students took part in the latest training session and learnt about soil management, feed formulation for poultry and livestock, and fish farming.

CEAL also provided important social impact lessons covering sustainability, and even how to start their own businesses.

“I hope that this support will encourage youth to love agriculture and get them engaged in order to reduce their vulnerability,” says Issifu. “It will contribute significantly to fostering community development, household food security, economic income, peace, and stability.”

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