Shift in ethics as UK charities build integrity

Bold moves by two UK charities this week may point to a major shift in ethics and integrity across the Aid and Development sector.

International NGO Peace Direct and charitable foundation The Lankellychase Foundation have both revealed substantial changes in their approach to funding.

Peace Direct has announced that it will no longer seek or accept funding from the UK government following the passing of the Illegal Migration bill into law in July.

“The legislation…drastically reduces legal and human rights for any asylum seekers, including victims of human trafficking. These decisions are fundamentally incompatible with our values and mission,” stated Peace Direct.

It is understood Lankelly Chase’s trustee board had become increasingly unable to reconcile its charitable mission to tackle racism, injustice, and inequality with its position as a major investor in global capital markets it considers to be rooted in racial and colonial exploitation.

“We know not everyone will agree with this decision, and we are not saying every endowed foundation should follow our direction. However, we believe that the case for profound change is now impossible to ignore, and each of us must find our answer. This is ours,” said Lankelly Chase.

Pictured: Peace Direct Chief Executive, Dylan Mathews

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